Build limitless experiences without limited data

Illustration of the koodos protocol

When we started building koodos, your digital music journal, giving people control over their interest graphs seemed like a faraway dream. Part of the challenge was that there was no standard, decentralized repository for online media and its derivatives. We noticed that if the infrastructure existed, it would unlock all kinds of cool experiences and create an important cultural archive.

Mediagraph will let developers build on decentralized media metadata and, eventually, become a base for portable interest and taste graphs — so you have the control to provision your interest data for various use cases, like personalizing an app experience from day one.

We believe a shared repository of digital culture should be a public good and a treasure we owe to future generations — and that we should have autonomy over our personal interest data. The challenge of our generation is to keep the pathways to digital culture open. With that in mind, we are initiating and stewarding Mediagraph and assembling a collective of the leading developer groups, platforms and cultural institutions who care about building a more mutualistic future for the internet.

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